Psychic Reading by Karina. Hello and thank you for choosing me to be your reader. I hope we can uncover, what, needs to be . I will guide you every step of the way. Psychic Reading can be fun, also it can show you , your past , your present and will answer all of your needs. I offer 2 options , One hour and 30 minutes. First time customers are encouraged to choose the 60 minutes so we can uncover , and see what is coming up, and how to deal with it. In one hour or in 30 minutes , we will discusss , Past, Present , Future, Money , Job, Love , Aura colors, and any other questions you might have. Thank you , once again for instilling your trust in me. I am certified by the American Association of Psychics and Healers .

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Mediumship reaing with Karina. Hello and Thank you for choosing me ,to be your channel between your ,loved ones ,and you. Spirits are alaways around us, someitmes they come as a , beautiful smell, or in a dream. When you contact me for a mediumship reading , your loved ones are already coming forward. Your loved ones, will relay a message to me , which I will tell you . Many people ask me , if they are at peace, yes, they are, they have their own life up there and they do gguide us . Thank you for choosing me to be the channel for your loved ones.. Namaste.

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